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Somos Grandes - a cultural exchange platform

"Being big is not a matter of size, but of attitude" is the motto of Somos Grandes, an emerging cultural startup meant to create a stronger bond between the artistic scenes of Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean.

​​​​​​​The main concept of the brand are the growth rings of a tree. Each year, the tree forms new cells, arranged in concentric circles called annual growth rings. Starting from here, it gets simplified intro a circle which is the basic element in the construction of

the logotype for a more simple, modern look.

The word SOMOS is a palindrome, constructed in an almost perfect symmetry together with the word grandes. The whole logotype has the shape of a shield.


Talking about BIG, Somos Grandes has a complex and fluid visual identity, mixing vibrant tree rings, circles and letter elements together with a strong color palette.





Being big is not a matter of size, but of attitude.


Who are we?

We are music, we are arts, we are culture. We are the waves and vibrations transmitted through electric circuits that reach from one point to another in milliseconds, letting the world know that we are here and we exist.

We are the mark left which each of our actions.


We are arts, we are urban culture... an intercultural bridge of caribbean, latin and hispanic roots.


A media platform

We are a media platform; a collective which promotes artists and cultural events. We bet on innovative artists who have a special connection with their country, who express their roots with no fear or taboos, reflecting it on their work in an interesting and innovative way.




Ophelia - Illustration and Packaging Design Project
Delicatessen Film Poster by Marc Caro Deja Que la Musica artwork for Blu Bamboo's single release feat. Bebo Rodriguez
Cosmetics Kit for travelling. Plane friendly Illustration Book Project Ubique typography project
Cirko Bigode Circus event Poster Amour Film Poster

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